Advantages and Disadvantages of Angled Plugmold

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Published: 18th January 2011
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Plugmolds or plug strips are just strips of outlets that run on a nonmetallic or metallic surface raceway. Plugmolds are handy when you need several outlets in one parallel line to plug in several appliances or tools at the same time. Plugmolds can be mounted in different configurations and in different applications such as residential, commercial, and industrial.

In residential applications, plugmolds are usually found in kitchens where there are several kitchen appliances that needed to be turned on at the same time. While most kitchens have under the cabinet or over the backsplash plugmolds, many households have angled plugmold.

Angled plugmold is no different from other kitchen plugmold installation. The only difference is the location and the way it is mounted. An angled plugmold is basically located on the side of the kitchen cabinet or cupboard. The plugmold is attached vertically on the sides of the cupboard where it is concealed and unobtrusive.

An angled plugmold is ideal when you donít want plugmolds over the backsplash or under the cabinet where it is hidden. Some people think that over the backsplash plugmolds obtrusive since it allows cords to dangle on the countertop and some are worried that itís too near the water or faucet where the plugmold can get wet and cause electrical failure.

With angled plugmold, the outlets are farther from the water source and the plugs are raised so it wonít obstruct whatever work you are doing in the kitchen. There are plugmolds over the backsplash where the plugmolds are raised and angled.

However, angled plugmolds have drawbacks as well. Since it is positioned vertically, you cannot use appliances with short or limited cords. The number of outlets is also limited since the higher the outlet, the harder it is to plug and unplug the appliances. Some people say that having an angled plugmold installed on their kitchen cost more than regular over the backsplash plugmolds.

Plugmold is outlet extensions that comes in handy when you need it. It gives you the advantage of plugging and using multiple appliances simultaneously, saving time and effort. However, turning on several appliances at the same time can overload the plugmolds circuit. To avoid this kind of accident, use a plugmold with a built-in circuit breaker. The original product line Plugmold has a self-contained strip that comes with a protective circuit breaker that trips when a short circuit occurs. You may also want to refer to the National Electrical Code to ensure that the angled plugmold installation meets the requirements of the NEC. Since plugmolds are also receptacles, it must be GFCI or ground-fault circuit interrupter-protected. Make sure that you have two 20Amp outlet in your kitchen as required by the Code.

In addition, while an angled plugmold seems pretty neat for a kitchen outlet, do not replace traditional outlets with plugmolds. While plugmolds are handy, you cannot leave the appliances plugged in it as you can with traditional outlets. Always ensure that the electrician that is going to install angled plugmolds is a licensed electrician to ensure safety and protection from faulty electrical wirings and other electrical accidents.

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